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Abplanalp Library, UNE

Abplanalp Library Facts

The University of New England Library Services are central to the intellectual life of the University community. They cultivate a vibrant learning environment by providing access to scholarly collections and resources; by offering services that foster inquiry and independent, life-long learning; by providing welcoming, interactive spaces and infrastructure that enhance the educational experience and support the information needs of the University; and by preserving specific special collections.

The Abplanalp Library contains special collections including the Maine Women Writers Collection, which features over 500 individuals; and the Westbrook College History Collection, which documents the history of Westbrook Seminary, Westbrook Seminary and Junior College, Westbrook Junior College, and Westbrook College.

The library is located in a former gymnasium building on the Westbrook campus of UNE.

The Maine Women Writers Collection is housed in a state-of-the-art facility and is dedicated as a national Literary Landmark by the Friends of Libraries USA.